Get in touch with your Mobile Audience through Messengers and Rich Notifications.

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orat.io Broadcasts brings your content to your mobile audience - via WhatsApp®, Facebook Messenger®, Telegram Messenger®, Chrome® and Yo®.

Send daily briefings, news, updates, alerts and more, instantly.


Mobile First

Mobile content consumption is a challenge for most companies, especially when it comes to user engagement: We solve this problem with a smart messenger & notification service.

Send & Schedule Messages easily

We provide a simple web interface that handles everything: Write your message, schedule it for later and get the word out punctually every day at the same time.

Build your mobile audience

Think beyond mobile emails and social networks and deliver content directly to your users' devices via new channels: Messengers and rich notifications.

Work in Teams

orat.io Broadcasts is built with teams in mind: We focus on optimizing your work flow and serving content to your audience with a convenient interface.

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